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Amar Gottipati, MD


Family Medicine, Geriatric Care, Wellness


The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Selma


Board-certified in Family Medicine

Dr. Amar Gottipati

Family Medicine Physician


Amar Gottipati, MD, is a physician who specializes in comprehensive health care for people of all ages – newborns to seniors. She is board-certified in family medicine with clinical training from The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Selma.  

Dr. Amar was involved in clinical research at the University of Florida. Dr. Amar has served as a teacher, mentor and role model for several medical, nursing, and pharmacy students during the past several years. 

Dr. Amar brings several years of experience in various fields of medicine. Dr. Amar has experience with both inpatient and outpatient management. Dr. Amar is certified in adult, pediatric and neonatal resuscitation.

In addition to exemplary clinical service as a family physician, Dr. Amar has a special interest in preventative care and focuses on promoting preventative care to prevent disease and premature death. She has conducted several educational seminars to educate the people on the importance of preventative care. Recognized by her peers, she was inducted as Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Academy’s highest designation.


Dr. Amar attended Osmania Medical College for medical school, and completed research training with the University of Florida. Dr. Amar completed her residency in Family Medicine from The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Selma.