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What is Broken Bone (Fracture)?

Types of Fractures

Here we have listed some types of fractures 

Treatment for Broken Bone (Fractures)

Doctors will often prefer Splint and Casing methods to put the broken bone into a normal condition. In the severe conditions use rods and plates for Surgeries. Treatment may depend on how serious the injury is.


How do you splint or Cast a Broken Bone?

What are some tips to look after cast?

We at Quick Care, MD, are ready to give the basic information about Fractures.
What is a Fracture?
An injury caused to bone, especially when it is broken is considered as a Fracture. Fractures are caused due to different reasons. Fractures are considered as serious injuries and are to be treated immediately. We also provide different urgent care services in Frisco, Mckinney, Texas.

What are the Symptoms?
● Severe pain with swelling
● Unable to move the fractured part
● Deformation of the bone
● Bruising or discoloration of the skin

What are the Causes?
Majority of them are due to Trauma, i.e. any accidents, fall in a washroom, falling from certain heights, during playing games etc.,
Another important reason for fractures is Osteoporosis, a condition where the bone density is drastically reduced, and they become weaker and are easily broken when compared to healthy bones.
Fractures are also caused due to overuse or repetitive motion, which causes the muscles to tire and eventually stress on bones. These are considered as stress fractures and are mostly observed in sportspeople.

What are the Types?
Stable fractures: Here the bones are in an alignment after a fracture and are not out of place.
Open or compound fracture: This is a case where the skin is pierced by the bone at the time of fracture, and the skin is torn and you have an open wound. Bone is either visible or invisible in the wound.
Transverse fracture: In this a type of fracture where the break in the bone goes horizontally across the bone.
Oblique fracture: The bone is broken in an angular/spiral way, i.e. the fracture occurs at a particular angle. We also provide broken bones treatment clinic at Frisco, Mckinney in Texas.
Comminuted fracture: In this fracture, the bone is broken into multiple pieces, i.e. into three or more parts.
Fracture is a serious injury, and its severity generally depends on the amount of force that caused the fracture. Fractures should be treated immediately to avoid the deformity of bones during the healing process.

What to do If we suspect a fracture?
● Control the bleeding.
● Immobilize the injured area.
● Never try to SET the bone yourself.
● Apply ice packs to decrease the swelling.
● Get professional help, contact your primary care physician.

How can we diagnose a fracture?
Firstly, an overall physical examination is done by the doctor, to know the wellness and physical condition of the patient. An X-ray is used to evaluate the fracture by providing a clear image of the bones. Once the doctor gets a clear idea about where the bone is broken and what type of fracture it is. This further helps in the treatment. As we provide the best treatment for broken bones treatment center in Frisco, Mckinney, Texas.

How are fractures treated?
Treatment options vary depending on the type of fracture. They include
A cast made up of fiberglass or plaster is most commonly used in the treatment of fractures. It is wrapped around the injured area, such that the entire fractured region becomes immobile. As the total fractured part is covered and protected, it also helps in preventing the associated infections. Most of the fractured bones heal successfully by using a cast, as they maintain the broken ends in a proper place and as straight as possible.
A Splint is usually considered as half cast; it is also used to place the broken bones in a straight way and proper position. The only difference between a cast and splint is, splint does not cover all the area around the site of fracture; it is confined to the fractured site. Splints are more convenient to use. They are adjustable, easily removable. These are also made up of fiberglass or plaster. We are the best broken bones treatment clinic in Frisco, Mckinney, Texas.
Splints are often used to treat minor fractures and even sprains. They provide relief from pain caused due to strain or sprain in the limbs. The splint can be used from days to weeks. When there is more swelling at the site of the fracture, doctors generally prefer splints rather than casts.
Functional Cast /Brace
Brace or Functional cast is a medical device that allows “controlled” or limited movement of the joints that are nearby. This treatment is not suitable for all types of fractures.
This is generally used to align the fractured bones by smooth and steady pulling action.
External Fixation
The external fixation is used in such cases where skin and other tissues around the broken bone were damaged to a large extent. An external fixator is fixed by an operation where metal screws or pins are placed into the broken bone above and below the site of fracture. These screws are connected with a metal bar placed outside the skin. It is a fixative frame that holds the bones in the proper position during the process of healing. We also provide services for laceration sutures treatment clinic in Frisco, Mckinney, Texas.
Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
This is a surgical procedure, where the fragments of bone are repositioned or reduced to keep in their normal alignment, and then jointly fixed with special screws or by attaching metal plates to the outer surface of the bone.

How long will it take to recover from a fracture?
Fractures usually take time to heal, which can vary from several weeks to months, depending on the type of fracture and extent of the damage. It also depends on the patient, how well they can heal based on their preexisting medical conditions. The pain will gradually get better with time. Even after removal of the cast or splint, one should limit their movements, until the bone is strong enough. Muscle strength is lost in the injured area during the time of recovery. So some physical exercises are required to restore the lost muscle strength, movement and flexibility of joints. As we are the best  fractured ribs treatment providers.

How can we prevent fractures?
Fractures due to trauma cannot be prevented, but proper diet and exercise may help in preventing fractures caused due to Osteoporosis. Calcium and Vitamin D rich diet will help in promoting bone strength. Physical exercises like walking, by maintaining a healthy weight helps in maintaining the strength and flexibility of bones. We also provide the best the treatment for work related injuries in Frisco, Mckinney, Texas.