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Adult Yearly Physical Examination

Adult Yearly Physical Examination in Frisco and Mckinney

In order to stay healthy, preventive care is a key step to take. In addition to annual physicals, lab work and imaging services if it’s indicated. We provide services in Frisco, Mckinney, Texas.

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An adult yearly physical examination is a regular test conducted by a primary care provider (PCP) or doctor to check the status of your overall health. This is also considered as a wellness check, and anyone can request for this physical examination, and you don’t need to be sick to request. The physical exam will provide us time to ask any health-related queries or discuss any changes or problems that you have noticed with PCP. Different tests were performed in a physical examination, depending on age, family history, lifestyle or medical or habits. At Quick MD care, we provide all the services related to Annual Physical health check-up. We provide annual physical exam test through physical exams specialist at physical examination center in Frisco, Mckinney, Texas.

What is the purpose of the annual physical examination?
A physical examination is generally recommended once in a year, specifically in people above the age of 50. These tests are used to check about possible diseases, so that preventive measures can be taken to protect against such diseases. To identify certain issues that may need medical attention in the future and to confirm that you are updated with necessary immunizations. As there may be an increase in the levels of blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure without showing any signs or symptoms, these tests help to check blood glucose levels, cholesterol and blood pressure. Regular screening aids in the treatment of these conditions before they become severe. We also provide services at school physicals exam center in Frisco, Mckinney, Texas.

Pre-requisites for a physical examination
Before the physical examination, one should be thorough with the paperwork related to their medical history like
• Information regarding any symptoms or pain you are experiencing, list of medications that are in use, along with over-the-counter drugs and even any herbal supplements.
• Any surgical history, if there is any implanted device like defibrillator or pacemaker
• Details related to doctors whom you visited recently, like contact information and the laboratory reports of any recent tests.
• Any other queries you need to get answered.
Your doctor or PCP may also ask questions about your lifestyle behaviours like physical exercise, consumption of alcohol, smoking, sexual health and dietary habits. The doctor may also check on your vaccination status and update your medical history.
The following are some vital signs checked by your doctor:
• Blood pressure: The normal blood pressure values are Less than 120 over less than 80 and high blood pressure (hypertension) as 130 over 80 or higher.
• Heart rate: The normal heart rate values are in between 60 and 100. Any deviation in this is considered as a vital sign.
• Respiration rate: The normal respiratory rate for a healthy adult is 12 to 16 breaths per minute. If the respiration rate is more than 20 times per minute, it is considered as an indication of heart or lung problems.
• Temperature: As we all know 98.60F is the normal body temperature of healthy people, in certain cases there may be resting temperatures slightly higher or lower

General Appearance: In general doctors can get an idea about our health just by watching and talking with us. They can assess by observing some points like your memory and mental sharpness, Texture or appearance of your skin, your ability to stand easily and walk? we also provide services at adult vaccination center.

Head and Neck Exam: Head and Neck examination is done by visualising your throat and tonsils. He may check the quality of your gums and teeth, which provides information about overall health. Ears, eyes, nose, sinuses, thyroid, lymph nodes, and carotid arteries are also examined.

Heart Exam: Heart examination is done with a stethoscope by listening to your heart. An irregular heartbeat, a heart murmur, or other information related to heart disease can be observed

Lung Exam:
Doctors check for crackles, wheezes, or decreased breath sounds using a stethoscope. Any of these sounds indicate the presence of heart or lung disease. People residing at Frisco and McKinney can make use of the services provided by our Quick MD care.

We also provide annual physical exam test through best physical exams specialist at physical examination center in Frisco, Mckinney, Texas.

Adult annual physical examinations are a significant piece of remaining healthy, particularly as we age. The doctors at Quick MD care give a thorough annual physical exam test in Frisco to recognize threat factors so that they can be treated in their starting stages.

Having a annual physical exam blood tests in McKinney furnishes your physical exams specialist in Frisco with significant standard data about your health so you can get the direction and care you want to remain healthy as you age and as your clinical necessities change after some time. Physical examination service center in McKinney additionally furnishes patients with an optimal chance to talk about any wellbeing related concerns they might have.