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Primary Care Services

Primary Care Services in Frisco and Mckinney

We specialize in providing awesome primary care service, but we offer so much more!

More Than Just Awesome Primary Care

We specialize in providing awesome Primary Care services which are listed below

Well Child Care

Comprehensive evaluation for child’s growth development, physician examination, vaccination and labs if it's needed.

Adult Yearly Physical Examination

Comprehensive history and physical examination including preventive screening tests depends on age and sex.

School Physicals

School Physicals and sports physicals they assist any underlying medical problems that may hinder the development of a child

Childhood and Adult Vaccinations

Immunisations depends on age to protect children from serious diseases

Immigration Physicals

Green card and Citizenship applicants to receive a full physical and vaccinations and tests as per USCIS rules and requirements

Employment Drug Testing

Its Part of the new employee screening, also evaluation for employees who are returning to work after an injury or absence

Department of Transportation (DOT) Testing

Helps to determine if a driver is physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to operate a commercial vehicle by a Certified medical examiner.

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Three benefits of seeing a primary care physician?

You don’t have to see your family doctor only when you’re sick or hurt. You can also see a primary care physician when you’re healthy, similar to children seeing a pediatrician for regular well visits. In fact, we recommend you to see a primary care doctor when you’re healthy, to stay healthy.

One of the reasons why people don’t have primary care doctor is because they’re generally healthy. They don’t have any kind of serious illnesses that are causing them to have a relationship with a primary care doctor. Here, we are going to lay out the three main reasons why having a primary care doctor is very important to you.

Holistic Care

First benefits is that you’re going to get holistic care. Now holistic care doesn’t mean naturopathic care. It doesn’t mean that the doctor won’t prescribe medicine. It means exactly what it sounds like, holistic. whole person approach. A family doctor understands how that illness fits into the bigger picture of your life as a whole person. Not just as a patient who has diabetes. You have many other things happening to you. What other illnesses do you have? What medications are you taking? What is your family situation or life situation like? Also, there’s an incredible relationship between mental and physical health. And that’s incredibly important contributor to all sorts of illnesses. Erectile dysfunction, heart disease, high blood pressure. Unless we sit down and have that conversation, we’re never really going to know what the best treatment options are for you. Hence the standard recommendation is to get at least one physical exam a year with your family doctor. This annual physical exam is also fully covered by your health insurance.


The second benefit of having a primary doctor is that we get to focus on prevention. When talking about prevention, the first thing we are talking about is making lifestyle changes. Improving your diet, starting to exercise. But there are also very important lifestyle changes that come with quitting smoking, reducing your alcohol intake to a moderate amount, improving your sleep habits. All of these things are so important to not only the quantity of years you live, but the quality of your years as well.

Next is cancer screenings. We want to catch the cancers early and treat them before they become a serious problem. Not all cancer screenings are perfect and not all cancers can be screened for. That’s why it’s so important to have a primary care doctor to understand what risks do you face and make an individual decision based on your health on what cancers can we catch and prevent early.

And last but not least, is vaccinations. There is a lot of negative press about vaccines. Not only do they save lives, but also improve our lives. And if we didn’t have them, the world would be worse off as a result.

Hacking the System

Third benefit is hacking the system. Primary care doctors can hack the system. They know who the quality specialists are. They know the ones that are close to where you live and are easily accessible and have reasonable prices. Family doctors know how to decrease hospitalizations and lower ER visits. By offering same day appointments, primary care physicians can prevent ER visits. Not only reducing cost, but reducing the burden on you to have to go to the ER, wait all those hours, and get the same exact quality of care. And the best thing about it is they know how to save you money. By offering same day appointments, we can prevent ER visits. Not only reducing cost, but reducing the burden on you to have to go to the ER, wait all those hours, and get the same exact quality of care.

Frequently patients end up facing a situation where they have to choose between various treatment options. Your primary care doctor can be the person that can help guide you in this very important decision-making process that will change the course of your life. There are several studies showing better outcomes with those who have a primary care doctor. Not only from a physical standpoint but also from a mental health standpoint.

Some of the barriers on why people do not have a family doctor are lack of convenience, pricing transparency, ease of scheduling an appointment, and the ability to get care online. At Quick MD Care, we set up our system to overcome these barriers to make it easier for everyone to have access to the best family doctor and pediatricians that can help them with their healthcare needs.

At Quick MD Care, we set up our system to overcome these barriers to make it easier for everyone to have access to the best family doctor and pediatricians. To make an appointment with one of our doctors Click Here.

Primary care is an essential component of healthcare that focuses on providing preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services for common medical conditions. Our primary care services are designed to address the healthcare needs of individuals of all ages, from newborns to seniors. Our team of experienced primary care doctors in frisco are committed to provide high-quality care in a welcoming and supportive environment.

At our primary care medical center in Mckinney, we take a patient-centered approach to care. This means that we work with each patient to develop an individualized care plan based on their unique needs and preferences. Our primary care physicians in Frisco take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your healthcare.